GE Disposal Troubleshooting Information

SAFETY NOTE: Before investigating, you must disconnect the power supply.

WARNING! Before resetting, disconnect the power supply–please see SAFETY NOTE above. The overload control prevents the motor from operating should overloading occur. This feature protects your house wiring and your disposer. When overloaded, the motor will stop automatically.

Problem Possible Causes What To Do
Loud noises (other than those during grinding of bones and fruit pits) Silverware, bottle cap or other foreign object has fallen into the disposer. Remove the splash guard and remove the object with long-handled tongs. Replace the splash guard.

Disposer does not start Reset button has been tripped.
GE Reset Button
With the splash guard removed, check to see if the turntable will move freely using a broom handle. If the turntable moves freely, replace the splash guard* and check the reset button to see if it has been tripped. The reset button is red and located opposite the discharge elbow, near the bottom of the disposer. Push the button in until it clicks and remains depressed. If the reset button has not been tripped, check for a shorted or broken wire connecting to the disposer. Check the electrical power switch, fuse box or circuit breaker. If wiring and electrical components are intact, the unit may have internal problems that require service or replacement.
  Turntable cannot rotate.
GE Turntable
If the turntable does not turn freely, check for an object lodged between the turntable and the grind ring. Dislodge the object by moving the turntable with a broom handle. Then remove the object. If no foreign object is present, there may be internal problems.

Disposer leaks

If the leak is at the top, it may be caused by:
1. Improper seating of sink flange (gasket choice, putty or tightening).
2. Support ring not tightened properly.
3. Defective cushion mount.

If the leak is at the discharge elbow, leak may be caused by improper tightening of elbow flange screws.



GE Warranty information:
All warranty service provided by GE Factory Service Centers, or an authorized Customer Care® technician. To schedule service, on-line, 24 hours a day, visit, or call 800.GE.CARES (800.432.2737).
Proof of the original purchase date is needed to obtain service under the warranty.