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Honeywell 16060 Users Manual

Honeywell 16100 Users Manual

Hunter Air Purifiers Users Manual - HEPAtech™ Models 30375, 30380, 30200, 30250, 37255.

HEPA Air Purifier Instructions- 200 Series+

Hunter Air Purifier Users Manual - QuietFlo™ Models 30170, 30175, 30185, 30400.

Hunter Air Purifier Users Manual - HEPAtech™ Models 30381, 30381.


Holmes Warranty Information

Hunter Warranty Information

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What does "renewed" mean?

As we are a full service store we supply parts for most makes and models of humidifiers, air cleaners, and KitchenAid appliances available on our website. If you need a part or filter for your appliance, please contact us, or use our email form.

Warranty information:
If you are in need of customer support on your Honeywell/ Duracraft/ Robitussin Air Cleaner please call Honeywell toll-free at: 1-800-332-1110.

Holmes® strive to provide you with the most reliable products in the industry through their rigorous testing and quality controls. But, if you should have a problem with your Holmes® appliance, they provide a Limited Warranty against defects in material and workmanship under normal use conditions. They will repair or replace any item covered under the Warranty to ensure your satisfaction. Please refer to your warranty document in your user’s manual for complete details on coverage.